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A Message from Bob:


A family man who knows how to work for you

Albany: Silencing Your Voice In 3 Easy Steps

Bob is running for a New York State Assembly seat in the 138th District.  Below is a map of the district.  It contains the towns of Henrietta, Chili, and a small portion of the City of Rochester.  Do you notice anything a bit odd with it?  Why is the section of the city shaped so oddly and incongruously? Is it shaped like a question mark because it raises so many questions?  No, this is called gerrymandering, and it is a way for politicians in Albany to redistrict geographically to give the majority of voting power to a minority number of voters.   Effectively, the 138th District was created to take away YOUR voice in Albany AND IT HAS WORKED FOR YEARS.  It's time to send a clear message to Albany that you want your voice heard through accurate representation.


What is Gerrymandering?

Watch this YouTube video for a 45 second explanation on how Albany is taking away your voice and your vote!








The ruling party finds a district they want to "rig".

The ruling party segments the district in a way in which the numbers can only work in their favor.

The ruling party makes your vote  futile and you become effectively voiceless.

It's time to take back New York

Bob listens to your concerns and will work for you.

For Our Community:

  • Bob will bring good paying jobs back to our community.
  • Bob will vote for tax reductions for middle class families.
  • Bob will support law enforcement and public safety.
  • Bob will work to enact term limits and fight to end political corruption in Albany.

For Businesses:

  • Bob will re-examining the structure of the new minimum wage rule.
  • Bob will cut bureaucracy in state agencies that regulate business.
  • Bob will eliminate laws that impede business growth.
  • Bob will lower the tax burden on small businesses.

For Seniors:

  • Bob will increase STAR tax credits as one ages.
  • Bob will provide protections for vulnerable adults.
  • Bob will increase support for senior centers.
  • Bob will support law enforcement and public safety.
  • Bob will continue to cherish and acknowledging the accomplishments of our seniors.

For Our Children:

  • Bob will improve public safety.
  • Bob will create a school district that more effectively educates our youth.
  • Bob will support youth development programs that promote productive habits.
  • Bob will focus on not-for-profits that address quality of life issues.
  • Bob will design programs that encourage people to become self-sufficient.

Bob Zinck vs. The Albany Establishment



Where does each candidate's funding come from?

Bob's campaign is funded by individuals and small business owners that simply want ethical representation back in Albany.  This means that Bob does not have any political "favors" to pay back.

Who pays for campaign printing and mailers?

Bob's has printed his own materials using funds from small fundraisers and then delivered them personally to constituents in the 138th District.  Bob has also received some assistance from the county committee responsible for his campaign.  This assistance providedd for two mailers that went out last month.

Since 2011, our opponent has spent at least $165,000 in PUBLIC FUNDS to send out mailers from his office.  In other words, YOU are paying for them.

Where is Bob On The Issues:



We all know the stereotypes about politicians and their self-serving motives in government.  Bob IS NOT one of the "good ol' boys".  Bob is a person, just like you, that is tired of hearing about corruption every day.  Bob will fight hard to make New York government something you can trust again.


Bob is a family man.  He is also a businessman.  He truly understands hard work and what it is like to raise your children and grandchildren in a trying  economy. We are watching our families move away and losing our businesses. Help Bob make New York a place where your family and businesses want to stay and grow.


Bob is a former Monroe County Legislator.  He understands how New York State works and how to fix our problems in creative ways.  Bob also has an extensive history in working with at-risk children and other youth programs that foster education, community, and safety.  Bob is not just talk.  His history proves that Bob gets things done for us.

"Make New York a place where your family wants to stay and grow."

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